Restaurant Review – Bombay to Mumbai Cafe

Enjoy the taste of true Mumbai food without hopping on a plane.

Cuisine- North Indian

Décor- Chic, urban

Location- Al Muteena, Deira

Cost of dinner for two- AED 150

The new Bombay To Mumbai Café is a contemporary café with an urban Mumbai feel and live band gigs.

Located in Al Muteena area of Deira within the posh Marco Polo Hotel, Bombay To Mumbai Café is an urban modish concept offering a mix of contemporary as well as local desi cuisine. Earlier known as ‘The Bombay’, Bombay To Mumbai Café has undergone a total makeover in terms of a novel name, a refreshed menu and transformed interiors.

On initial glimpse, the minimalist décor yields a bland impression. However, the authentic, mouth- watering food quickly makes up for it. Alongside, the funky portraits of Mumbai life and an eclectic mix and match of colourful sofa- cum- chairs add a touch of vibrance to the otherwise simple interiors. The restaurant also boasts of a huge screen where football matches were being screened.

Chef Madan brings a dash of fusion food to Bombay to Mumbai Cafe
Paneer Nanakeesh
 Shabnam ke Moti which are delicious stuffed mushrooms made to drool
Shikhampuri kababs come
 with goodness of vegetables
The credit for the renewed food concept goes to Chef Madan and his team, who have ensured a complete rebranding of the menu by working out new concoctions. Fusion food is the norm of today’s times and Chef Madan has ensured that Bombay to Mumbai café stays in tune with this trend. His interesting line -up of fusion foods are a real treat to the guests.

The mouth- watering starters stole the limelight, particularly Paneer Tikka Nanakeesh. It can be rated as an unmissable item, the name and style are an improvisation of Arabic dish Manakish. As a fusion of the pizza and the naan, it is a perfect appetizer with paneer tikka shreds, mayo chutney, tomato sauce, chilli and cilantro topped with cheddar cheese.

Shabnam ke moti was another irresistible starter that melted our hearts. Featuring stuffed mushroom with cheese spinach crumb fried served with green mint dip was something that we relished. The crispy, crunchy kababs named as Vegetable Shikampuri, packed with taste and goodness of veggies did absolute justice while the mint cooler was the perfect coolant accompaniment to these snacks.

Just like the starters, the mains didn’t fail to impress. A potpourri of vegetables, Subz ki Bahaar, Green pepper lamb chop and Biryani, which were tasty while Yellow Dal was a real treat, by itself.

Though we were done and dusted with such delicious offerings, the intriguing yet tempting desserts were screaming for attention. The Chocolate Samosa has always been on my hit list of desserts and this one didn’t disappoint either. As the name divulges, the chocolate-infused samosas served with dash of white chocolate was simply mind-blowing!

The surprises didn’t seem to get over as the Gajarela Truffle arrived. Yes, this one is a twist in the favourite Indian dessert- warm gajar halwa balls dipped into white chocolate balls served in the form of truffles, topped with rose syrup as dressing. What an awesome improvisation!!! Couldn’t have had a better ending to this lavish, scrumptious dinner. What’s more, all the dishes tasted great.

Apart from these, the chat variety, gola cocktails and usual Indian food abounds and in truly delicious manner. Street foods like Pani Poori and Bun Maska Chais as well as tandoor options are a part of the mix.

The food was so tantalizing that a major part of our conversation was characterized by a discussion of ingredients and recipes and of course, relishing the final products. This place definitely brings a sleek chunk of Mumbaiya food to Dubai. So, whether you belong to Mumbai or not, this restaurant is a must visit. And the credit goes not only to the food, but also to the excellent service and hospitality of the staff, who were extremely cordial and made great recommendations with the food.

With a big thumbs up in all spheres, this restaurant is bound to win the hearts of food lovers. Whether you are a Mumbaiite or not, it hardly matters!!!

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