Five minutes with Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri

 The lively, cherubic actress 
has that child-like innocence that won us over instantaneously. The Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast was in her usual chirpy mode when she settled down with the media after a soulful session of XYoga. Five minutes with her whizzed past like a whiff of fresh air. 
Fakhri was at the centerstage at Kite Beach on February 1 to spearhead the two-day
wellness event, XYoga Dubai. Accompanied by her was the former Real Madrid and
Barcelona footballer Luis Fago and popular Indian yogini and trainer-to-the-Bollywood
stars Deepika Mehta.
Over a thousand yoga enthusiasts stretched into the weekend
with the celebrities on the beautiful Friday morning at the serene seaside
venue. The atmosphere was radiating with calm and positive vibes with soothing
music playing in the background.
Commenting on the launch morning of XYoga festival, Fakhri remarked,
“The opening session at the beachside was simply magical, the energy was
contagious. We were having fun but also engaged mentally and spiritually. It
was an honour to open the third edition of XYoga Dubai, presented by Dubai
The American- Pakistani model and actress Fakhri, who shot
to fame with movies like ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Main Tera Hero’, is a fitness
enthusiast and it’s her first time at the festival dedicated to promoting
different kinds of yoga including Animal Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Acro Yoga. She
has graced the covers of top fashion and fitness magazines and is an active
philanthropist, who is passionate about woman’s empowerment and preserving
wildlife and the environment.
Presented by Dubai Holding, The XYoga Dubai event was back
with its third edition with successful stories in its last two editions with
Bollywood celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora enthralling the
crowds with their brilliant yoga moves.
Here are a
few excerpts from the interview with Nargis Fakhri:
What does
your fitness routine look like?
There was a time in my life when I was very undisciplined
because of my hectic work schedule. But now, I am back on track. I get up early
around six in the morning. I do my morning stretches followed by meditation. I
go ahead with a cup of coffee, scrambling through my nutritional take for the
day and then taking my yoga class.
 How do u
think Instagram is shaping people’s minds relating to fitness?
I feel that social media is triggering anxieties about our
bodies. We see people who look so perfect and we try to achieve that
perfection, not realizing that everybody has his or her unique body. At the
same time, it depends on what page you follow, I have seen some amazing
transformations inspired by social media. Hence, it all depends upon the
individual how he or she takes it. It can be both ways- It can inspire but can
give anxiety, too.
message for youngsters pertaining to fitness?
Watch what you eat and follow healthy eating habits is my
mantra to the younger generation. Don’t get swept off by the tremendous amount
of junk food available!
What is
your favourite health food?
Satvik food is my
favourite health food. I love avocadoes and vegetables and stress largely on
unprocessed food.
your take on the XYoga festival?
It’s amazing that Dubai has brought this awesome festival
called XYoga. It was so amazing to do yoga on the beach, beautiful weather and
so many enthusiasts. I felt so invigorated, happier and more balanced this
How would
you describe your equation with Dubai?
Dubai is an amazing city, for sure. Despite the fact that I
have been here so many times, I always look forward to doing something new on
each visit. When I was invited for XYoga, I was so excited- I flew all the way
from Los Angeles. I had great time working with Dubai Tourism during my earlier
visits.  I have been actively into
adventure activities like parasailing, skydiving, dune bashing, ziplining, etc
. It is a great place to enjoy varied cuisines, beautiful beaches and shopping,
What is
your way of unwinding?
My home is my sacred sanctuary. Coming home after a long
days’ work, sitting with a cup of tea, closing my eyes and breathing, doing
meditation are some of my ways of chilling out after a hard days’ work. I love
cooking as well! It is like a sheer meditative experience.
What is
your mantra in life?
I have experienced so many things in my life from bad to
good to great. I don’t believe in planning anything, I just live with an open
mind and open heart. Unfortunately, I do get hurt a lot in this process. I
follow the mantra- ‘Love thyself’. It is often seen that ladies tend to do
everything for their family, kids, hubby, but they tend to neglect themselves.
               Quick shots with Nargis-
  • Favourite food– North Indian food and Japanese food
  • Favourite pastime– Fixing my house
  • Favourite music/band Rihanna
  • Favourite movie– Beauty and the beast
  • Favourite actor– Meryl Streep
  • If not actress, what would you be– A Doctor
  • Ambition while growing up– To travel and see the world
  • Favourite holiday destination –Greece and Newzealand

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