Bar Baar Launches New Street Food Menu in Town ‘Gully Boy’

    More than twenty mouth-watering street food delights will leave you craving for more
Where– Bar Baar, Hotel Majestic, Bur Dubai

Speciality-  Streetside vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and drinks

Average cost for a meal for two–  AED 300

Apart from many other nice things, Dubai is known for its scintillating hangouts. While most of them build upon the modern theme, there is one famous bar called Bar Baar, that bases its popularity around Indian street food served in the quintessential street style. It has recently been nominated for the ‘Best Bar Food’ at the Time out 2019 awards. And all for good reasons.
With an interesting name and theme, Bar Baar never fails to enthrall with chic and vibrant interiors, that is enough to liven up the mood of the drabbest of the souls. Rugged cars and scooters converted into seats evoke a sense of nostalgia and so does the ruggedly themed table décor. The menu has been recently redesigned on the lines of the recent Bollywood hit Gully Boy. Taking from the success of the Ranveer starrer movie with the same name, Bar Baar has launched its new menu with the same name and theme called Gully boy menu.

Indian street food is uber famous and Gully boy menu recreates the magic of vegetarian and non- vegetarian street food in the typical rap style. The dishes not only appear interesting on the menu, they taste equally tantalizing too. From a wide array of lip-smacking snacks, like the fultoo samosa, crispy paneer, dosa, momos and Mumbai’s ubiquitous Rapchik Pav Bao, Bar Baar has ensured that we don’t miss our motherland even a tad bit! 
A wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are on offer. Mocktails like Raspberry soda and Imam sherbet were delightful and variety of alcoholic drinks are on offer. To accentuate the atmosphere, there’s inhouse live music for great entertainment, while the hospitable service wins full brownie points.
Undoubtedly, social hub and a gastropub, Bar Baar is the best place for a quick meetup or a relaxed chilled out evening. Bar Baar and its Gully boy menu are a total hit on Dubai’s gastronomic scene.

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